Happy Child

Faced with the humanitarian problem of refugees mobilizing all European opinions, many Kiwanians, from North to South of Europe, did not want to remain indifferent.

The challenge is to find the families, to offer the children protection, assistance, care and continued education to avoid the perilous crossings of the Mediterranean, traffic of all kinds and to rebuild their country when peace would come back.

A first assessment:

At the end of the first year 2017-2018 of the project, 6 of the 10 districts (including the provisionary district) had already adopted the project. The result was not less than € 81,570.03 for the benefit of refugee children and has therefore helped a significant number of children exposed to deficiencies and all dangers! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the project!

What’s next?

We are now starting the third year of the project: Refugee children always need us, if not more!

Do you also want to support this project that puts Kiwanis on the European map?

Do not hesitate to contact your local manager, your District Happy Child Chair, your Governor, or your dedicated KIEF Happy Child Project Chair Josy at josy.glatigny@gmail.com

Photo: Carole Alfarah/SOS Children’sVillages