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1. Why a new Kiwanis project for Ukraine?

Unfortunately, the war is far from over, and children and families continue to be its innocent victims. Every day we receive news of bombardments affecting civilians, sometimes far from the front line. The first Kiwanis Children’s Fund Europe project was initially aimed at helping people fleeing the fighting during the great wave of refugees at the start of the conflict.

This new project aims to help children and families in Ukraine. The local population continues to live through a nightmare, and families and orphans are particularly hard hit by the conflict.

2. How can we help families in Ukraine?

Unlike the Kiwanis Children’s Fund project, where Kiwanians in Romania helped refugees arriving from Ukraine, Kiwanis has no clubs in Ukraine that could intervene. It is therefore necessary to call on long-established institutions in Ukraine. Our choice was SOS Children’s Villages.

3. Why SOS Children's Villages?

This organization has been running children’s villages in Ukraine for a long time. With the war, they have established many new drop-in centers for internally displaced families, some with partners. Therefore, they know the situation well and have the necessary relationships to act effectively.

4. What are the aims of SOS in Ukraine?
  • To help single-parent families, orphans, disabled children and severely traumatized children.
  • To prevent the separation of families and provide them with essential aid such as security, food, livelihood, health and education.
  • Protect children in emergency situations.
  • Create a substitute family environment for children who have lost their families.
  • Avoid placing these children in state-run homes, as they are completely overwhelmed and do not have the resources to create an environment conducive to the children’s development.
5. How does SOS work in the field?

Children and adolescents who have lost their parents or have had to flee with single mothers or foster parents are brought to safety and given professional care. Needy families receive direct assistance to help them cope with emergency situations and ensure their children’s education. For the year 2023-24, SOS plans to assist at least 170,000 people and the financial needs are estimated at EURO 33 million.

6. How can you support SOS Children's Villages in Ukraine?

Kiwanis Europe is launching an urgent appeal to every District, Division, Club and member:

Support this action with a donation – the Ukrainian children thank you!
Our DNA as Kiwanians is to help children. Tens of thousands of families in Ukraine need us, need you! Don’t let them down!

Bank coordinates for the clubs:

Account holderKI-E ASBL
IBANBE43 7330 6307 6201
Message for the beneficiary Social project KI-E 23-24 – 404623

For individual donations with tax certificate:
Each district determines, according to its own situation, the best way to make individual donations for which a tax certificate can be obtained.

SOS Children’s Villages offers the possibility of making individual donations directly to national SOS organizations. Please indicate the specific project reference of your country, according to the list, to ensure that the donation goes to the Ukraine project.

Watch this moving video about the tragic situation in Ukraine.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Roland Franzi
Chair KI-E Social Project