Kiwanis Europe


Time to invite friends, acquaintances, family members or colleagues to get to know the Kiwanis organisation and its members. Invite them to a charity/fundraising event, club meeting or event! And since a real-life example is worth more than a thousand words, be inspired by the following testimony:

“Some time ago, a distant cousin invited me to a meeting of his Kiwanis club; he told me about the good atmosphere that reigned there and some interesting and pleasant members to meet. As a young man entering the business world, I saw this as an opportunity for social affirmation and promotion in my role as a young manager. I took it up and soon became part of the club. I made friends and new acquaintances and was able to contribute to a number of social projects for the Children of the World. That invitation changed my life and I’d like to extend the same invitation to a distant cousin and improve his life in the process”.