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basic Information
You will see on this page news informations
coming from the kiwanis clubs in Romania
and others

Dear Kiwanis Friends,

We are all shocked and saddened by the tragic events in Ukraine and condemn this aggression in the heart of Europe against Ukraine and its people.

Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected.

In support of the humanitarian destiny, we are doing our best in all districts to at least alleviate the worst hardship. The border between Ukraine and its neighboring countries is a long one and we have therefore agreed, together with the Kiwanis Children's Fund, to support primarily our clubs on the ground, both in Ukraine and Slovakia.

Help is arriving from all over the world right now, whether it is from clubs in Pennsylvania, Arizona, or from Japan and Malaysia - all Kiwanians are helping to ensure that food donations and financial aid can continue to be provided for the growing refugee crisis in Eastern Europe. Our direct assistance is being led in neighboring countries by our clubs on the ground, ready to move quickly and in a big way to help care for refugees coming into the EU.

We will continue to monitor developments closely and stand with the international community in calling for an urgent and peaceful resolution of this conflict.

In order to continue to inform our members, we of course also request further reports from the affected regions but also of achievements that individual districts are accomplishing. All information received by the editorial office will be published here with a slight delay.

In the hope that this first crisis will soon be over. After all, the fate of the more than 2.5 million refugees in the meantime only means that they have initially escaped the actual war. The future will be bad enough.

What can we all do? First, donate to:


LU21 0023 1479 8587 6100
Mention: "Ukraine refugees"



These donations will go directly to the local clubs on the Romanian and Slovak border that are helping the refugees.
Secondly, support refugees coming to your region. There are many things they could need: Shelter, food, clothes, blankets - find out what they need and work with your local networks to help them.
We thank you for all you do! Let's be strong together for the children and stand against violence and war.

Josef-Peter Schachermayr
KI Europe Präsident


Mail to Ryan HEtLAND



Dear Ryan,

first of all, I would like to thank you for your great involvement in the relief action of KCF in Europe in favour of Ukrainian refugees. I am indeed happy about this international support from many distant countries of the world, in suffering we are even a great Kiwanis family.

After the last relief transport, I absolutely needed a little break in order to recharge the batteries again. I have spent 5 days on the Belgian coast with my wife and my two grandchildren, I'm motivated and I'm working again for KCF.

Yes, on 22 July I've sent via Slovakia to Ukraine the trucks No 6 and No 7 fully loaded (62 pallets) with various goods among this, for the first time, candy for children. The total value of the load was about 165.000 $. 2 days later they arrived at the destination and were unloaded by local volunteers. This time they were special transports, they had on board a lot of medical material as surgical utensils, disinfectants, dressing material, compresses, catheters, etc. but also including a respirator for a district hospital directly on the front line. But as well as other things required at the place like diapers, powdered milk for babies, hygiene items for men and women and food items like noodles, flour, oil, soup powder in great quantities. All this goods are unloaded in Slovakia under the supervision of local Kiwanians, reloaded onto other smaller trucks and brought to Ukraine with specially trained and armed persons to a temporary warehouse specially planned for this purpose. From here on, still more specially trained persons assume the further transport to the hospitals surrounding the front line.


I have attached a few photos of our last transport, on which you can also see me (the second from left to right) and my colleagues from the KC Mersch-Uelzechtdall, who assumed the loading here in Luxembourg, just like the previous 5 transports. Still a short review about the relief actions carried out by the KCF so far:

transports carried out from Luxembourg, a total of 7. The costs of this transport including the goods were assumed by the KCF in Europe. My club, Mersch -Uelzechtdall has participated in these actions, besides the respective personnel required logistics with about 35.000 $.


3 impressive figures:
- we have transported from Luxembourg about 25.000L of drinking water, 25.000L of milk as well as 15 tons of flour for the Ukrainian refugees in Romania as well as to the inhabitants left behind in Ukraine.
- From Austria, according to my information, 5 semitrailers have transported various goods to the affected regions. The cost of 4 trucks was paid by the District Austria, the cost of 1 transport was covered by KCF in Europe.
- In addition there were also transports with relief goods still organized by Kiwanis clubs from France and Austria.
- Other previewed transport: full truck from KCF with medical material, departure Austria. Presumed cost: 102.000 $


Total donations received to date: 1.059.000 $
Total presumed cost till today: 480.000 $


Now we are asking together where our financial support is still in demand. From Romania already came more requests for support of educational projects for the refugee's children. But due to the upcoming cold season warm winter clothes and warm winter shoes are also in demand again.

So you feel, financial support of The Kiwanis Children's Fund in Europe continues to be in demand. The war is surely not over in the next time and suffering of Ukrainian people still will not end.
If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Anyway we will continue to stay in touch.


With my best K greetings from Luxembourg


Bernard Altmann
Children's Fund - Kiwanis International
Ambassador 2020/2023 – Europe 1






Saturday the clubs of Oradea/RU were to Mihai's wharehouse to see and share the things for:
- Sighet
- Vicovu de Sus
- Cluj
- ILași
- Vaslui
- Oradea.
Today the shipment has begun.




Latest News:
Donated money till now: More than 900.000,- EUR. Spent money to our clubs at the borders: 200.000,-


mail by our kcf ambassador

Dear Governors,
Dear District Chairs,
Dear Kiwanians all,

today I would like to report again something about the status of our relief actions in Romania and partly beyond the border. 


Please understand that we cannot inform permanently but, via the Facebook pages of our local Kiwanis clubs or also of the Kiwanis Children's Fund you can keep up to date when you are interested. I would also like to reiterate the fact that when additional information is needed, our District Chairs, Ambassadors, Trustee as well as the incoming President of KCF are always ready to provide the necessary information. Call us or write us an email, we always have an open ear for your requests!


Some time ago I told you that 2 trucks (1X KCF and 1X KC Uelzechtdall) filled with food and other needed goods (e.g. hygiene products) would leave Luxembourg for Romania at the end of March. They started their route on March 31st and arrived in Vicovu de Sus last Monday. Here they were unloaded and the goods were prepared in the warehouse of the shoe factory MARELBO for the further transport. In the meantime, this has also already been partially done and so we could even already provide the most necessary things to the needy residents in Ukraine itself but also to refugee camps in the neighbourhood and furthermore. In this context, I am actually preparing a 3rd relief transport to Marelbo in Vicovu de Sus to "our" temporary warehouse. I would also like to say once again that the entire family of the owners is voluntarily at our service every day and assumes in this context all transports for us within Romania and to the neighbouring Ukraine free of charge. The load of this third transport, which is planned for after Easter, includes food of quite different kinds but in great quantities and also pampers for small children. This time, we will be loading a total of 35 pallets in the truck, all goods which are urgently needed on the place.


So far for my part, but next to me, there are still many other Kiwanians involved in the mission for KCF on a day-to-day basis. As already mentioned, and as I know, there are still 9 more clubs actively helping in our relief action for refugees in Ukraine. These many volunteers work even hard, sometimes approaching their limits and never complaining. They deserve our highest respect for this voluntary work involved in the welfare of the refugees arriving in floods. The people in charge do take time once a week for an up-date meeting with me. Then we discuss the actual situation in the individual centres and advise about any further financial assistance that may be needed and/or about goods that may be required.


Then there are the districts that participate in our relief action by their involvement either financially or through the relief transports. Thanks to all of them for their support. One thing I have learned again in the meantime, together and in direct communication we are able to reach more. 2 days ago, the Governor of Austria made me the kind offer to give a few boxes of a load of baby and children's food, destined for Romania, to Ukraine and to the surrounding area of Vicovu de Sus. This is Kiwanis as I want to live it, thank you Gernot!


More actual actions:
• the power banks ordered by Ilonka will even arrive in Vaslui these days and will be distributed to the refugees from the several areas we care for.
• 80 pairs of shoes were delivered today by the firm MARELBO to the camp in Vaslui on the order of our colleague on the place, Gabriela.
• Financial support to the Slovakia District destined for the care of the refugees arriving there


Dearest friends,
you can see from my little report which surely is not entire complete that, we are also continuing to be very active, even if we don't always go immediately public with it to our members. And in particular for this reason it makes me and surely all other volunteers very sad to hear and read under these specific conditions that will probably overtake us for some time, that some members are in the process of losing confidence in KCF in Europe. In fact we are giving everything and still much more which is in our capacity. But be aware: Information debts are also catch-up debts.

We will not give up and will always motivate ourselves again. I personally get my energy from WhatsApp messages like even this one I got from Romania these days:

We also thank you so much for your help !!!


Mail by Gernot Unterfurtner, Austria

Dear District Board Members!

Now it is final, as I already have the loading papers.

Thanks to the generous donation of the company AGRANA Stärke GmbH and the commitment of Mr. Hündler of AGRANA, a transport with 31 pallets of baby and infant food - that is 6.537,6 kg - will go to Romania as part of our refugee aid campaign.

6,537.6 kg - that is 16,344 cans of 400 grams each of baby and infant food, which cost an average of € 10 each in our country. The truck transports thus a commodity value of approximately € 160,000, -- which the district Austria makes available.

I am very happy about this!


Gernot Unterfurtner


Thank you Kiwanians

 This is amazing - Donors till now: 877.523,38 Euro

Donations to the European account for aid to Ukraine were received from all over the world.
At this point, as President, I would like to thank each and every one. I personally know many of the donors, from Malaysia started to California, but mainly our friends from Switzerland are helping here.
Many, many thanks. You can be sure that the money donated so far will go exactly where it will actually help directly.

Josef-Peter Schachermayr
President KI-E


Direct answer to a member of the netherlands

Dear K friend Simon,

in agreement with Filip Delanote, I am sending you the following extensions on the subject raised:
First, I would also like to thank your club for this valuable financial help for the benefit of the Ukrainian refugees. I must tell you, these incoming donations from clubs all over Europe and overseas make me happy, as they show a sign of solidarity within the Kiwanian family. You can obtain the total amount donated by your district so far by contacting your District Chair, Frans van der Avert.
My task is to bring you a little bit closer to our current and still foreseeable activities. All donations received on the account of the "Fondation Kiwanis Luxembourg" will be used exclusively for the care of the arriving Ukrainian refugees in Romania, Slovakia and certainly later in our parts of Europe. Because here too, our help will certainly be urgently needed in some time. Our management committee around Filip Delanote, Sepp Schachermayr, Daniel Vigneron, Francesco Valenti, and us 3 Ambassadors has been engaged with this significant challenge for a few weeks.
In Romania, we are currently offering our help to the arriving refugees with 9 active clubs on the ground. Our main centers are Vaslui with Past Governor Gabriela, Oradea with Past Governor Carmen, and District Chair Istvàn. These 3 main leaders are in permanent contact with our above-mentioned leadership group. Weekly Zoom meetings are on the agenda for the 3 people responsible in Romania and me. As you can see, we have created an efficient structure here that is also constantly being improved as needed.
Under the responsibility of the 3 leading Kiwanians, the many helpers buy the required goods in their respective regions, thus we stimulate the economy of the country too. Things which cannot be bought locally we try to buy in our areas, if possible free of charge or however at reduced prices. So next Thursday 2 trucks (1x sponsored by KCF and 1x sponsored by my club Uelzechtdall) with about 66 pallets will leave Luxembourg in the direction of Ukraine. On board the many different foods and always agreed with locals. So, among other things, hygiene products, Pampers, water in 1.5 L Pet bottles, various soups in great quantities, pasta, milk, flour and in intensive cooperation with the coffee roasting company Blanche Dael from Maastricht, 200 kg of coffee and 50,000 tea bags.
These two trucks are referred to inhabitants in Ukraine itself and the transport can be realized even only through relations on the place which I personally cultivate for years and which I can absolutely trust. Photos of this transport will be provided even at the given time (Kiwanis Uelzechtdall). Would also like to point out that you can always view photos on FB on Kiwanis Vaslui Romania and Kiwanis club Oradea. In the already mentioned centers we are currently distributing about 5,000 warm blankets for the arrivals and power banks. These we hand out to the refugees so that on their further trip to other countries (we know from experience that most people stay only 1-2 days in these camps, resting and so, later being fit to continue their journey) they can always remain in contact by cell phone with their loved ones left behind in pain in Ukraine without that fact that the batteries are empty. Then of course, we offer them food and drinks and everything else with which we can help them in their really bad situation and, we also continuously adapt to the daily needs of the refugees.
Surely there will be still more to talk about our courageous volunteers and their devoted job, about fears and despair of the arriving refugees, about crying children, crying and loud screaming mothers who partly must go into an uncertain future.
Let us not forget them, they absolutely need us and probably for some more time to come!

Thank you again for your financial help!
If you have more questions or if you want to have more information about our relief action in favor of these refugees, don't hesitate to contact me

Have a nice evening

Bernard Altmann
Children's Fund - Kiwanis International



Mail by Bernard Altmann


Dear Colleagues,

as we all know, communication in Kiwanis is not always very strong. Therefore, I hereby try to update all responsible Kiwanians from the individual districts on the current status of our jointly decided relief action for the Ukrainian refugees and share insights from locals.

I had been given the mission at our last meeting to buy food and then bring it to Ukraine via Romania. I don't have to explain to anyone that this is not an easy process in such difficult times. With my many years old connections, I succeeded in the end and we can have these goods brought over the border into the Ukraine. Two 40 ton trucks (1st truck for KCF in Europe (photo), the 2nd truck sponsored by my CLUB KC "Uelzechtdall" and the company MARELBO*) will leave Luxembourg with full cargo on 30.03.2022 first towards Vicovu de Sus (you will get the definitive list of the goods later on). Here the goods will be unloaded and stored in the warehouse of the shoe factory MARELBO until further transport to Ukraine or to, in the attached map selected especially for refugees important border points.

According to information I have received, this interim storage has 2 important reasons:
  1. transport over these smaller border roads from Vicovu de Sus to the interior of Ukraine is not possible with these heavy trucks. The goods must therefore be transferred to smaller vehicles (photo) and transported further on. This task is performed for us by MARELBO* company with its own fleet of vehicles.

  2. at the moment a real wave of aid is pouring over the country and it is assumed that it will decrease significantly in the nearest future. So our relief supplies can be distributed from here according to the needs. The main part of the goods goes to the red bordered area (big Romanian community, former Romanian citizens who emigrated to this area) and surrounding in Ukraine. The distribution on the place will work with the help of the priests of the Russian Orthodox parish and many volunteers living here. Other selected stations will be Siret, main entrance to Romania – Borșa, situated in the mountains and popular by illegal immigrants. In this area, many injured people were found, as well as, persons frozen in the cold! Here warm blankets and first aid kits are in demand – Milișăuți, here recently a sports hall was set up as a camp with 400 beds (warm blankets are also in demand here) and even Siret, also surely known to some of you by the live reports on NTV, located directly at the border to Ukraine. Also here our help will be expected. Surety there will be even many more points of contact for the arriving refugees who are waiting for support and will be very grateful for this.
If you have further questions, let me know and I try together with the inhabitants to give you the right answer

Thank you for your help and your interest





Short WhatsApp-Info by Carmen Polman
Dear all

A short info after the last phone conversation with Franz Nagelseder:

- beds in metal frame and blankets are super ok . We have a home with 50 places in Cadea where they are needed but
- to the list with previous nécessaire, are needed: rain jackets and food for the Ukrainians who are held captive. Through the Red Cross we want to send this food


Mail by Bernard Altmann
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Colleagues,

attached is the latest status of the donations received on our account in Luxembourg split by the respective countries. If you have further questions about this listing, don't hesitate to contact me. I will also forward soon the related figures per country/district, together with the corresponding donors to the respective District Chairs and to the Governors.

Please note that we currently have € 446,933.32 at our disposal, a success certainly unimaginable for all of us.


In the near future I will also send you a small report about the current situation in specific border regions to the Ukraine border from the point of view of my source, the personally very committed junior owner of the shoe factory MARELBO. This morning I had a long zoom conversation with him and a Romanian friend from Luxembourg, who is preparing the transport for us, in view of our upcoming transport of goods to their temporary warehouse in Vicovu de Sus.


With K greetings



Mail by Carmen Polman
My dears ,

I hope you are healthy and that these miserable times are over as soon as possible, so that we can see each other again with all our hearts.

I would like to inform you that here in Oradea we are working on several fronts. I mean:


  • We volunteer to purchase the necessary materials to send
  • We collect information about what is needed to be sent to Ukraine from all friends, acquaintances, Kiwanians or non-kiwanians
  • We have urgently activated the North West Division and we have created a working group with those who can give us real-time information on what is needed and where it is needed
  • We collect and send necessary things to Ukraine.
  • We already have 3 transports sent on the diplomatic corridor created especially for the Red Cross. We also passed Kiwanis with the help of the Ukrainian priest Marius Lauruc from Sighet.
  • We keep in touch with the districts in Europe that ask us for information and have already offered their help
  • Next week comes the first goods truck from Austria. We will unload it in Oradea and from here we send what is needed to Sighet and Gabi Tolontan for the eastern border of Romania. Everything is discussed and agreed on in the working group with the Austrians which was created in order to communicate effectively. This group includes Viorica Parlog, Istvan Tribel and Gabi Tolontan, whom I introduced in order to transmit the information on the spot and of the discussions only once, with everyone in sight.


The good news is that Kiwanis is part of the only HUB created by Romanian civil society. There will be another one in Suceava, created by the Romanian Government. But we have been working together for 10 days at the HUB in Oradea. On this platform we have real-time information. That is the place where information comes in with what is needed and where, the place where we know what each NGO can help with: food, hygiene products, medicines, translators, communication specialists, volunteers unloading and loading trucks, barracks products, free warehouses, transporters, accommodation and representatives of the Romanian state through DGASPC-the institution that manages child protection and CCICJ- the county center of the prefecture that centralizes all the self-help actions of Ukrainian citizens. We are part there, Iuliana Pacurar from Kiwanis Art Oradea, Mihai Bobitan from Kiwanis Varadinum, Antonia Moga from Key Club O. Ghibu and myself from Kiwanis Romania.


Due to the fact that in addition to being a volunteer in Kiwanis, I also hold an administrative position as a Past Governor, and here in Kiwanis I do what I know how to do best, which is what I do every day of my professional life. That to me means:

  • TEAM, in the true sense of the word,

Thus, wherever I am involved, even with my service, because at any meeting with the local authorities an item of discussion on the agenda is the "refugee crisis", I have a double quality: that of employee of the Romanian state in the position in which I work and the volunteer Kiwanis - Past Governor of Kiwanis Romania. It is important to emphasize that all governors represent Kiwanis Romania from any position we have in society and not only of the club in which we operate.


I want to point out something extremely important. The creation of these platforms, HUBs, self-help groups are very important for us as an organization, because we make ourselves seen. In the HUB in Oradea there are big organizations such as the Red Cross, the Food Bank which have branches all over the world, not only in Oradea or Romania. Through our presence there our name is circulated, it is known. We will appear in all the advertisements made by them, in the meditation made by this HUB- on their money. We are there with a logo.

We intend to enter into a partnership with the Red Cross. In Oradea, at the initiative of Iuliana Pacurar, the contact is established with a former student, who today is no. 1 in the local management of the Red Cross.

I tell you this because we are now in a time when, in addition to volunteering itself with collection / loading / unloading / shipping, we are also thinking strategically for the visibility of Kiwanis. We gain confidence that we can be reliable and basic partners. So we think, before we work!


I will keep you posted on what we are going to do and I gladly hug you!




Dear Kiwanians,
It is with a heavy heart that we must communicate regarding a dramatic war situation. To date, 2.5 million Ukrainians, mostly children and their mothers, have already fled their cradle - at home.
More than ever, Kiwanis wants and will put its unique goal of 'serving the Children all over the world' at the service of affected children.
KIE & KCF in Europe are working together as ONE kiwanis. The Kiwanis Children's Fund team, District Chairs and Ambassadors, guide information and fundraising along with District Foundations, Kiwanis Clubs, Divisions and Districts.
The Fundraising of €300,339 on March 10, 2022 is and was a positive 'heartbreaking' moment.

Thanks for this financial support, KIE & KCF in Europe can help refugees in basic aid through the Romanian clubs on the borders of Ukraine.
We know that we need a lot more financial help to meet the most urgent needs. Help that you as clubs, divisions, districts and individuals can provide.
Your KCF District Chair will be happy to provide detailed explanations to and through your District regarding the planned and delivered assistance.
A word of respectful thanks is certainly in order here.
Filip Delanote
Kiwanis Children's Fund President-Elect.



Gabriele – KC Vaslui
In our area we have already more and more refugees who stay in a camp. In this context, needs have changed to basic food and sanitary cleaning products. Of course, food products are in high demand. Today we bought toilet paper, disinfectants, wet wipes, soap, shampoo, pasta, oil, still water.






Carmen Polman
Yesterday I saw a children s camp, near Oradea, at Cefa. There are 73 children and 6 adults. Everything is under control. The have all the things which is nécessaire. Including human worm.
In next period we guess we will have more children here.
Today at 6 pm I will have a meeting with non guvernamentale associations to know the last necessities in the area .

Viorica Parlong:
At the customs checkpoint, some tents would be good. Until the documents are made and the translator is connected and sent them to the refugees centers, the children are staying in the cold outside.

Carmen Polman
Our goal was to convince ourselves with our own eyes what was going on there. We had with us sanitary materials and croissants.



First pictures from Carmen Pollman







Carmen Pollman
Hi my dear all,
Thanks for the trust Sepp, but I think every member of this organization would do the same. I personally live very close to the border and than a week what I see is beyond my power to accept. It hurts and motivates you.
God bless us! Peace and love!



Sepp Schachermayr
Dear Carmen, dear Gabriela, dear Istvan,
I have known you three after now very many years. I appreciate your tireless efforts, which are more than just great.
Thank you, especially for the effort you are making right now. And for continuing to make yourselves available so that we can help many more refugees on the Ukrainian-Romanian border.
I am almost sorry that we are putting you in this position of responsibility. But, at the same time, I know that you will master this task with excellence.
I am very proud to serve as your president.
Best regards

Carmen Pollman
Thank you for your trust !
I'm honored by your decision and at the same time it is a great responsibility.
I will do my best ! Keep in touch !
Hug you all,

Francesco Valenti
Dear friends, during the last meeting of KCF team in Europe together with KIE president Josef-Peter Schachermayr you have been chosen to coordinate all the helps for the Ucraine refugees in your country.
We know it is an important task but we all are sure you will do your best in this hard moment.
KCF team and myself are ready to give you all the necessary support.
Please let us know what kind to goods are more necessary in this moment and what we can do, let us know what we can do and how we can help you.
Do not esitate to contact me for any necessity
All My Thanks





Markus Lanz
The last days were for all of us a challenging time with a lot of task to handle as well to coordinate all requests.
My Team had a yesterday and tonight an extraordinary Board meeting and we decide the following:
District Switzerland will support KCF Europe with an appeal to clubs for donations.
For this purpose we have already worked out a communication concept, which will be sent tomorrow as a circular email to all clubs and members of the district.
Furthermore we will call for donations via the social media channels and our homepage to reach the broad population in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, South Tyrol.
Also a content will be published in our Kiwanis Magazine which will be printed the next week.
In addition, our Foundation will also hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss how it can and will support KCF Europe according to its bylaws.
We are convinced that also in this exceptionally important social project, our district will support the children in need with effort and all possible means.
With silent greetings

Gernot Unterfurtner to Peter Mancuso
Thank you for your reply. Sepp and I are in constant contact and exchange ideas.
The District of Austria uses the opportunity with our Kiwanis friends in Romania to hand over necessary relief supplies to women and especially children directly at the Ukrainian border.
We must provide help quickly, where this help is needed immediately and urgently.
All the big institutions, such as the Red Cross, have sufficient funds and are also supported by governments. Lots of money is moved, but it takes far too long for help to actually reach those in need!
We are now helping as much as we can!

Carmen Pollman via Viorica Parlog:

Dear Mr.President KIE
Dear Governor of the Kiwanis District of Austria
Dear Kiwanian Friends of the Kiwanis District of Austria
I deeply regret that we are in such difficult times. But I'm glad for the immense solidarity I've felt in these last few days. It is indescribable how many people have expressed a desire to help.
Your support for the refugees from Ukraine transiting Romania is huge and we assure you that the amounts of money that are transferred to the accounts to help the refugee children are managed correctly and transparently.
We say this because we buy products that we send to Ukraine, to the refugee camps, through interposed. We Romanians can cross the border to the first village near the border. Further on, another 150 km, only the representatives of UNICEF and the Red Cross can reach to the first refugee camp... and besides them, through the Ukrainian priest from Sighetul Marmatiei, the Kiwanians from Sighetul Marmatiei will arrive.
In this way, the first helpers with medicines and sanitary materials arrived at the hospital in Ivano Frankivsk-Ukraine. They don't have basic things like tourniquets. The pictures attached below are sent by this Ukrainian priest Marius LAURUC. What you can see in the pictures are products bought by Kiwanis Maramures.
I'm sorry but no one has thought about wearing Kiwanis emblems. It is an unimaginable stress to go beyond, among the branches of smugglers of passports and documents crossing the border. I have to tell you that now only those with money are fleeing Ukraine. Those without money and passing documents stay in camps, in the cold. To know what is the truth from reality and not from TV, we found our friends who live there and guide us how to help. There are people we trust, childhood friends who today are doctors in Sighetul Marmatiei and Barsana. Through them and through our Kiwanians -- people of high morality -- who are journalists, school counselors, psychologists, doctors, we know the reality there. Our conclusion is: we gather and receive everything we can, and thread with caution, looking well at where and what we're sending.
That's why you can be sure of all our attention and care. For us it is most important that our helpers get to where they are needed.
Our next concern is to inform, to tell those who help us what we have done with their money. Nowadays we are sought after by many around us because of our way of working and because of what we are in our professional life. Your help to us is honorable because you trust in our ability to be fair but it also forces us to maintain our reputation as good administrators.

  • There is a need for :
    • Medicines,
    • Blankets,
    • Sleeping bags,
    • Mattresses,
    • Pampers for children
    • Toiletries in small containers
    • Flash lights.

This list was received from Ukrainian priest Marius LAURUC from Sighetul Marmatiei-Romania. These are needed in refugees camp in Ukraina. There is a diplomatic corridor from Sighetul Marmatiei to Ivano Frankivsk, which is at 150 km in Ukraina from Sighet.
The products which you can send here , will be unloaded in Romania in Sighetul Marmatiei at the Ukrainian Union, Plevnei Street, no 18. The person in contact is the priest Marius LAURUC, telephone/whatsapp 0040.744.181.053, or myself-Carmen POLMAN-2020-2021 Kiwanis Romania-Governor, telephone/whatsapp 0040.771.191.548.
We conclude by expressing again the gratitude of the Romanian Kiwanians and especially of those from Kiwanis Art Oradea for the exemplary solidarity that the Kiwanis District of Austria through its Governors, as well as through our friends Manfred Puchner, Sepp Schachermayr and Gerhard Gugenberger has materialized in concrete facts and in record time.
With all our respect and friendship,




Sepp Schachermayr
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team very, very much for the great work you have done over the last few days. And I trust that you will continue to do a great job.
To support you even further, we will have additional support on Facebook. Is it possible for you to get photos and possibly even short video footage of your clubs on-site so we can use them for this? Now, this may sound a little weird, but anything that helps us reach out even more and support even more helps Ukrainians first and foremost.


Michel Tefnin
Just for your information, my District Belux is also persuaded we have a bigger impact by acting together. We support the action at European level, and have informed the members already several times. We presently focus on collecting money. Collecting products may come later for refugees that would arrive to stay in Belgium-Luxembourg.




The first districts have already started organizing relief supplies and collecting funds.