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Since the beginning of the hostilities in Ukraine, Kiwanis clubs in Europe, together with the Kiwanis Children’s Fund in Europe, have been mobilizing to help refugees, mainly through its clubs based in Romania and Slovakia. Thanks to the generous donations of European Kiwanians, but also American, Japanese, Malaysian, it has been possible to send hundreds of pallets filled with food, hygiene products, food and baby care items – just to name a few.
To continue to help those who need it most, any donation is welcome:

LU21 0023 1479 8587 6100
Mention: “Ukraine refugees”.


Food and other important goods donated by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund in Europe were picked up by small trucks from our temporary warehouse at Marelbo factory in Romania and delivered to Ukraine.


Put yourself in the thoughts of those concerned persons who are affected by the war, men, women and mainly kids! Have a look at these volunteers who support their fellow human beings, sometimes at the risk of their lives, to bring food from abroad to them. Let’s continue to help them! They need our support and they need Kiwanis! 

JULY 2023

Another 2 fully loaded semi-trailers loaded with some 40 tons of various relief goods such as pasta, flour, milk, hygiene items… left Luxembourg for Romania, where our friends and partners at Marelbo (shoe factory) are temporarily storing the products to take them to where Ukrainian refugees need them most. And as a special treat for the children, the load included 2 pallets of toys and 1 pallet of chocolate. A very special team was present at the departure of these semi-trailers: Ukrainian Consul in Luxembourg Mr Radoux, Past KI President Daniel Vigneron, the owner of the shopping centre in Walferdange (which KCF Europe uses as a warehouse) Mr. Elvinger, Bernard Altmann and our great truck drivers!


End January, the Mayor of  Kyiv thanked Kiwanis Children’s Fund for “[…] aid in the form of generators, heat guns, food, hygiene products and Christmas boxes for our kids. […] We highly appreciate your unyielding support and see, who our dearest friends are, who share their hearts and souls with us […]”

Thanks again to all Kiwanians who joined forces to make it possible for KCF Europe to arrange for all these goods to get to where they are needed, and especially the children!


2022-11_Help Ukraine_1

Thanks to the donations of Kiwanians and the logistics set up by Kiwanis Children’s Fund in Europe, 63 pallets containing pasta, oil, milk, rice, tomato pulp but also diapers, washing powder, soap and milk for babies were shipped to Romania where Kiwanians, together with friends of Kiwanis, join efforts to help families in  Ukraine.

KCF Donation to Ukraine

July 2022

More than a million Euro in donations have been received!

28 February 2022

The first districts have already started organizing relief supplies and collecting funds.