Kiwanis Young Professionals

Kiwanis Young professionals (KYP) clubs meet the needs of  younger members in the age from 26 – 40 years old with busy lifestyles with little time and need more flexible meetings schedules and hands-on service projects. The age range is not limitative: you can surely reach a YP club at lower age, staying longer than the age of 40 is a decision of the member, mostly we see they want to get off of this adjective.

KYP use technology  in club operations and administration to keep members informed.  Young Professionals are full Kiwanis members and they do have the rights and duties of full members.  The total fee structure is applicable on these clubs. Exceptions can be granted if the European Federation accepts to do so.
Once a majority of the members reach the age of 40 the club can decide what to do for his further career in Kiwanis. The sole member can ask his transfer to another Kiwanis club out of the YP zone. Even easier is that the club makes a name change by deleting the „YP“ notice in the club name and take a traditional name.


Where  are these Young Professionals Clubs ?

Some  traditional Kiwanis Club in Europe have young members but some districts  have also  Kiwanis Young Professionals Clubs or clubs with young members.  These clubs are:

Did we miss a KYP-Club or other activities from/for young Kiwanis members? Then please contact the BMC-team.