Update March 2018

Dear Kiwanis Friends,

A  few months ago the Committee “New District Building” of KI-EF asked the help of our 29000 Kiwanis members in Europe. All the Kiwanis members received a News Letter and an e-mail with the title “We need your help”,  in collaboration with the  Communication Staff. We asked those Kiwanians who have a good relationship with people in one or more of the Kiwanis nations to find out if it is possible to create new clubs in the Kiwanis Nations with the help of these friends, family or business partners.

Together with the Board we are constantly looking for new initiatives to be successful in in creating new clubs in the Kiwanis Nations. We think this initiative was a good exercise and yes………..we have some success. We received about 40 answers who think that they could help us. We want to thank these Kiwanians for their support. We will investigate their proposals and hope that we will have some concrete results in the next months.

So, if you did not have the opportunity to read the relevant News Letter (link) and e-mail, and if you think you can help us, please don’t hesitate to contact mejohan.henderix@telenet.be

All the best

Johan Henderix
Chair KI-EF New District Building

Original Message

Are you travelling abroad for business reasons or to visit family and friends or you do not travel but have a lot of good contacts in foreign countries? Are you a Kiwanian or Kiwanian at heart who wants to grow the Kiwanis family? If yes to both questions, this message is for you! Sure, you have valuable contacts in the countries you visit; which if asked, would be willing to help spread the Kiwanis word and contribute to opening new clubs… and pave the way for Nations to become – full Kiwanis Districts.

If you regularly travel to one or more of the Kiwanis Nations, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with the Chair of the New District Building Committee at johan.henderix@telenet.be.

Help us increase our footprint in the following countries: Albania, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Czech Republic & Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and UK.

We count on you!

Johan Henderix
Chair KI-EF New District Building