Training & Education

When preparing a training session you will be confronted with a lot of practical issues really in touch with the training you will need to give. Not two trainings are similar: some are quite basic, others are high level, due to the fact if there is enough knowledge about Kiwanis. It is not a blame to say that mostly knowledge is very basically or rather none in most cases. Most members have heard about and tell their story, mostly a proper version without any release to existing documents, where mostly the essence is clearly explained.

“Pilot trainings KI-EF” is a project that wants to help make a step forward in the good direction. By giving on different levels standard presentations on very concerned items and by publishing them on the various websites we want to offer to officers, trainers, members, and so more the possibility to have a basic document that helps them find the correct solution. For the officer ad the member it must be a help, for he trainer it should be a guide.

Pilot training powerpoints will give our trainers the possibilities to realize the perfect mix of training for the audience that is attending the training session. Each presentation will be atmost short and not in details but will contain the contents that we find essential for treating the subject. It is up to he trainer to work the item out in the way he wants to serve it to his public, public that is always very different from nature, language, knowledge and a lot of other facts that makes Europe and his Kiwanians so great of variety.

The used template is very basic and can be adapted to the current year or elsewhise
Our powerpoints will ever be scheduled in a very strict and repeated way:

A. the subject
B. the basic literature
C. the contents
D. the conclusion on the item

In our powerpoints we will try to use the item that a picture tells 1000 times more than 100 words of text, which is the reason why we use the notice page system in which textes are in the notice.
At this moment the KI-EF does not provide to make translations of these presentations in common European languages. The Pilot presentations will be held on in a most recent version by refreshing them twice a year: once in the Spring and once In the Fall which is before and after the main training seasons.