Stock Market of Social Projects, what the hell is that ?

The Belgian KC Braine le Comte Soignies launched a website (who’s helping who) that tries to make a platform for presenting and offering ideas of social actions that can be taken in charge by service clubs. On today more than 50 communities present briefly on the platform the projects they have in mind to realize within a presented budget. Service clubs can consult this database and get in contact with that specific community whose project they find interesting to sponsor. Nearly all the clubs of the division of the BLCS club have already joined the platform and step by step not only clubs from other divisions join them, but also “collegues”  from other service clubs join the platform. So we are not far from the realization of a bigger project with sponsoring funds from clubs from different origin or countries.

Quite busy people those Kiwanians from Braine le Comte Soignies. They also have as club a department that brews a handcrafted beer, called AUGRENOISE, a project they lead in conjunction with the residents of the institute of Saint Alfred in Casteau. For the beerlikers: Augrenoise has a taste of linden and honey.

More about the beer click