Start Making a Child Happy!

Happy Child is a large scale European project that was initiated by the team of 2017-2018 European Governors. The project is aimed at ensuring that no child grows up alone and is a response to the refugee crisis in Syria.  Since March 2011, 13.5 million people have been affected, of which 5.8 million are children.

Learn more about the Happy Child project with this general presentation (English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands and Italiano) as well as a more specific section regarding the project in Syria (English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands and Italiano).

In the coming months, News For You will provide regular updates on this European project to demonstrate its usefulness and motivate more clubs/members to participate in our action against child precarity.

For more information on how to contribute to this project please contact Josy Glatigny, Chair of the Happy Child Committee, at josy.glatigny(at)


The migration routes identified on the map below show the magnitude of the issue.