Our President visited the ASPAC Conference in Kuala Lumpur

Dear All, Dear Governors,

a brief report on my participation in the ASPAC Convention last week in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

First of all the result of the elections:
– Chair confirmed for next year: Peter Zander from Australia
– Chair Elect:  Lo Chen Chien from Taiwan
– Vice Chairman Ken Alovera from South Philippines
– International Trustee 2018 – 2020 Tony Gun from Australia

I must tell you that it was a beautiful convention full of Kiwanian content – the various districts present have shown all their sevice involving thousands of children – and full of joy and friendship (as perhaps some of you could see from some photos in Facebook) .

ASPAC is growing fast and has “threatened” the European Federation to make the overtaking of the number of members this year coming before us to the fateful threshold of 30,000 members. I accepted the challenge and I “raised”, stating that we will reach the 30,000 members first.
Did I hurt?
I exagerated?
I don’t believe, as with the formidable team we all formed,  we can not lose!
So go on; we are still growing and we reach 30,000 members.
We are on the right track and we can do it !!!!!!
In any case, anyone who will arrive at the finish line will be the Kiwanis and the children to win but we can get there first because

Together we can.

Hugs to all of you and see all of you in Baveno.