Dear Kiwanis friends,

The calendar marks end of September. It is time to say goodbye.

Thursday next new boards will anywhere take over. A special congrats to my successor Jon Fadri and his team of EC members, governors and representatives, wishing them a fruitful year full of activity and help for the children, hopefully with less covid-19 problems and a lot of new ideas and members.

Saying goodbye is also a moment to express my gratitude and thanks to a lot of people that surrounded me: firstly and especially 2 people who worked very hard, thank you Christian an Jan for your commitment. Thank you also to the team of governors, who did their utmost to carry on their roles in such difficult circumstances. I wish to thank our staff members of the Ghent office for their work and their effort during the whole year. Last but not least, thanks the host committee for the work they did for the cancelled convention in Brugge. They did a great job for  organizing and finally cancelling the whole event with a small financial damage for our organization .

Thanks to all the members for their continued engagement and work.

I hope you all soon in better times and don’t forget

Lets do a little more for the children

Keep safe and healthy Your 2019-20 KIEF President Chris