New District Building

One of the goals of Kiwanis International-European Federation (KI-EF) is to establish Kiwanis in as many countries as feasible in Europe and to support these countries to grow and become a “full district” – that is bringing 1,000 or more members to the Kiwanis family.

To date, Europe counts nine full districts and one provisional district:


  • Austria
  • Belgium-Luxembourg
  • France-Monaco
  • Iceland-Faroes
  • Italy-San Marino
  • the Netherlands
  • Norden (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)
  • Switzerland-Liechtenstein.

Provisional district

  • Romania

However, there are also still countries in Europe where Kiwanis is not (or very little) present – these countries have the status of “Kiwanis Nations”. Each Nation is supported by a full district, also called “sponsoring district”. All growth activities in these Nations are coordinated and followed-up by the New District Building Committee. This Committee works in close relationship with Kiwanis International Member Support Center Europe, located in Ghent (Belgium).

The Kiwanis Nations are: Albania, Czech Republic & Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and UK. Moreover Kiwanis wants to introduce the movement in countries like the Baltic States & Finland, Bulgaria and Israel. Finally the European Federation is responsible for club building and growth in Africa, where on today we have clubs in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Cameroon, Republic of Congo Brazzaville, Morocco, Senegal, Uganda,  Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa.

So, if you as a Kiwanian have valuable contacts in one or more of these countries; which if asked, would be willing to help spread the Kiwanis word and contribute to opening new clubs… and pave the way for Nations to become – full Kiwanis Districts, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with the Chair of the New District Building Committee at

The members of the New District Building Committee are:

  •  Johan Henderix (Belgium-Luxembourg)
  • Gianvito Giancontieri (Italy-San Marino)
  • Karol Balog (Czech Republic & Slovakia)
  • Christina Jacob (Germany)