A variety of tools are available – for free – for clubs or districts that need to produce communication material. From templates for certificates to brochures, photos or videos, Kiwanis’ portal is to be found at Currently, it is available in English, French, Italian and German.

Username and password

In the menu item, click on the tab “Member Resources”. You’ll be prompted to enter your credentials. Please click here to get your username and password to access the portal.

You will then land on the pictures page. Here as in all other areas there is a full text search, which works in the respective languages (suggestions for improvement welcome).

To the pictures

We have compiled pictures from different areas, which may be used by all Kiwanis organizations. If the author is mentioned in some of the pictures, he or she must be named (e.g. Photo credit: Photographer’s Name and Surname). 
These pictures – with a European touch – come in addition to what Kiwanis International is offering. Some of these pictures have been adapted so they can be used on Facebook.


Upon request, each club can receive a logo, in different colours and file formats. This will be created based on Kiwanis corporate identity guidelines. In addition, all corporate fonts a Word template for letters is provided. All that needs to be entered is the individual contact details.


These were mostly created with the professional programs "In Design" and "Illustrator". If you wish to use and edit them, you need those 2 programmes. Shouldn’t you have these programmes, the BMC committee can help you – please send a request by email to An offer will be made if necessary and everything else will be clarified.
Important: Any existing copyright notices must not be removed. The compressed download files contain all elements (fonts, pictures).
Some templates are already edited for Word usage, others will follow. The production can be done by the clubs themselves or can be ordered via


Here you will always find new, matching small clips, for example for use in Facebook.

In the next newsletter we will deal with the following topics: Practice, implementation of leaflets.
Please send us your suggestions, requests and ideas for improvement to

Thank you!