International Children’s Peace Prize Winner at 51st KI-EF Convention

Helping children to heal, learn and have fun, Mohamad Al Jounde fights for access to education for refugee children. The story of this 16 year old boy left no one insensitive during the opening ceremony of the 51st European convention, last 25th May in Baveno, Italy.

Bringing his story to a wide Kiwanis audience, he emphasized the challenges facing refugee children. He also took an active part in the workshop “Happy Child”, addressing the many questions coming from Kiwanians with natural spontaneity and amazing wisdom. As a matter of facts, under the umbrella of the Europe-wide project Happy Child, KI-EF’s Board has decided to support Mohamad’s action with a donation to buy equipment and education material for his school.

Photo: Marco Fazio

A Syrian refugee himself, Mohamad couldn’t go to school during his first two years in Lebanon. It was a struggle, but rather than defeat him, it fueled his will to fight for a better future, for himself and for his peers. Together with his family, Mohamad started a school for Syrian children in a refugee camp. He built it with his own hands and at the age of 12, he was teaching math, English and photography. When the government decided to remove the refugee camp, the school was destroyed. But it was rebuilt professionally, and staffed with formal teachers. It now teaches 200 children, who after completing two years can move on to the formal Lebanese school system. Watch Mohamad’s life story in this video.

Mohamad Al Jounde is the winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017 – founded by the KidsRights Foundation and awarded annually to an exceptional child, whose courageous or otherwise remarkable actions have made a difference in improving children’s rights, which helps children worldwide.