After Christmas parties and celebrations, you return to work and, as I said in the previous Newsletter, here nobody stands with your hands in your hands!

Now it’s the turn of the committee on Formula, on  New District Building (NDB) and on SLP / Young Professional.

Growth, as everyone knows, is the main objective both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

But why we have to grow up?  someone could be asked himself!

Why  we do not remain what we are?  some might say! Few but good!

No, dear Friends, we must grow because: more we are  more service we can do for children.

And children cannot  and should not wait;  therefore growth is  the first goal.

About growth I have to say that the situation is very positive: some Districts,  including France – Monaco and Italy – San Marino,  are doing a great job and are not only opening new clubs but also increasing the number of members inside the clubs. Similarly the other Districts of which some have several clubs in formation – Switzerland, Belux, Austria, Holland – others have planned to open some clubs – Norden, Iceland, Germany.

Romania deserves special mention as it plans to become the 10th European District and is working to open 12 new clubs and increase the number of members of over 150 units!

Best wishes, friends from Romania, we are supporting  you!

The growth committees are working hard as well:

Jon Fadri, and the members of the Formula Committee, are busy  with growth in Europe and  are preparing the  Growth Meeting  in March about which, this year,  we are testing a new formula.

For some time, in the past years, the Growth Meeting  was held at the beginning of the year – normally in October – and was structured as a kind of training: we tried to teach, to the attendance,  growth methodologies more or less homogeneous.

Unfortunately  this method, in my opinion, didn’t  give the expected   results: it is under the eyes of all that, just in recent years, we not only haven’t  grown but, and unfortunately, we have lost members and clubs.

This led me to think that the teaching of homogeneous growth methodologies – given the absolute diversification of the various nations in Europe – couldn’t work and the growth, therefore, had to be carried out within the various Districts according to methodologies that had to be specific for each country.

Therefore, I thought I had a prior approach to the topic with District Governors – this happened both during the first Board Meeting in Paris in July and also during a series of face-to-face meetings – and another with the various Chair of the Committees, and this happened  in  August during the preparatory meeting.

With all of them, we agreed a growth program  which would then be verified in the middle of the year – during the Growth Meeting in March – and in this  meeting this growth program would have been possibly adjusted and perfected,  to reach the year-end goal. .

Well,  every Governor and every Chair has prepared his program and his project that, as it is, is progressing and that, in fact, will be verified in the next meeting.

What, then, will happen in March: all together will verify the results obtained in the meantime; then we will see the cases of success and, if there were failures, all together we will help to find out what didn’t work  and we will apply, always together, to help, where difficulties have been encountered, by example, by suggestion, and by the  best practice.

And we will do it as a group because Together we can!

In the same way we can also act with  the NDB Committee – chaired by Johan – who is very active in areas where Kiwanis is weak and aren’t  many clubs. Johan, together with the members of his committee, has designed and is running a very good campaign to identify, in those areas, someone who can grow the Kiwanis idea.

About that,  if you have friends, acquaintances, relatives or other in those areas, please give Johan their names and tell them that they will be contacted by Johan.

A lot of work is also being done by the Committee SLP / Y.P. which is operating on two fronts.

SLP, is trying to involve in the structure the Tikiro clubs existing in Romania, and it is focusing  its attention also to other realities existing in the various Districts.

Young Professional, is trying to acquire within the structure some Junior Clubs existing in Italy and no longer supported by the KI-EF, and is also operating an active policy of attention towards the JCI with which some Districts have signed collaboration agreements .

In addition, the committee is very busy working with Ilonka and the Governor of the District Austria Kurt in the preparation – and I also hope for the great success – of the next Youth Camp.

Some details, I hope, we will have during the Growth meeting.

So still a great collaboration at all levels, as everyone has understood that
Together we can

I take this opportunity to give to all of you, your families and your loved ones,  my best wishes for a great 2018 in the name of wonderful service for children.

Best wishes for 2018 and don’t forget ….

…..Together we can!