Happy new Kiwanis year to everyone!

At the beginning of a new year we must reflect on how we did last year and what we see in the future. Last year was in many years a great success. Especially we can rejoice in the great fortune of the first year of the Happy Child service project for orphaned refugee children. We will also embrace the project this year and hopefully take to new heights.

As KI-EF president it is also my special ambition that we can take real and effective steps in the birth of a KIE as an legal entity and affiliate of KI. Whenever or if we reach our goal we will have to embrace the biggest change in our history as a Federation.  Now it´s time for action and to bring this issue to realization or not!

As of writing the post we do not have the final results of our year end membership numbers.  Yet I´m afraid that we are still shy of our exclusive number of being 30000 European Kiwanians strong.  In past years we have come close, but not close enough.

Nevertheless we must applaud the efforts of those that have been industriously and effectively engaged in membership, by opening new clubs and introducing and bringing hundreds of new members in to our organization and to service for the children locally and globally.