Growth summit in Prague

Mid october is the usual yearly moment to hold an event about Growth in Kiwanis Europe.

This year the event fixes on two goals

  1. Main goal of the growth summit is to motivate district chairs of growth/the formula, to work out strategies to increase footprint of Kiwanis in the districts, and to explore and exchange different (new and existing) formats of Kiwanis clubs that can raise the membership in the districts.

The summit should result in concrete action plans (‘game plans’) for growth made by the governors and their formula chairs, commitments to work on increase of Kiwanis’ footprint, and those will be followed up by exchange reports between districts (in the format of a ‘governor planner’), which will report progress of membership in the district.

  1. On the other hand Jon Fadri Huder, current KI-EF Vice president, has another precious item to share this weekend. For him it is essential that the strategic plan is not only discussed and approved by the new governors, but also that all of them express clearly their engagements, not only from their personal part, but also to motivate their lieutenant-governors and formula chairs to make this a priority in ALL districts.