Growth Summit in Prague

President Piero writes

European Federation Board and Growth Meeting is over. Many thanks to all participants for their commitments in Kiwanis and a special thanks to the organizers: with their work they gave to us two awesome days.

Average 60 people met last weekend at Vienna Diplomat in Prague. After a friday “KI-EF Board and EC day” time as on for a full day Growth Summit under the lead of Formula Chair Jon Fadri Huder and KI-EF Vice president Chris Decorte and that was a long task, longer than a 9 to 5 job.

KI President Jim ROCHFORD together with Executive Director Stan SODERSTROM honored at the intro the work of Stefania PANEA, who trough her continuous efforts brought Romania to the status of Provisional District, a las step before the Full District status.

Besides a number of high level technical presentations by different Staff and Kiwanis members one of the most appreciated items were (evidently) the workshops held about different possibilities to grow your club and membership. The main items in these were, with every time noticed the main conclusion remark from the working group

  1. Internet clubs: with less practical organisation and cost, but with need of  once/twice a year a F2F meeting
  2. Golden Clubs: clubs for members aged over 65 where the need is greater to gather than to serve, but who still have are convinced of the Kiwanis ideas
  3. Women In Kiwanis: give more visibility to this  by press releases in typical women directed magazines
  4. Partnerships and Cooperation with JCI: give more importance to common actions, that will facilitate further cooperation and a flow for membership
  5. Young professionals: more visibility and responsibility to YP, our future leaders. More networking benefits in addition to an adapted fee

All quite interesting proposals and solution that now have to be worked out under the lead of the Formula team and under assistance of Jan Van Hove, Director of Membership and Programs at the Ghent Office

Thanks to LM and ROG for the sent pictures

This post will soon disappear from this page and wil be replaced by an announce for the next Growth Summit in Prague on Mid October 2018