February Thoughts

Website. Due to some issues with the website, it was decided to migrate the site to another provider.  Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Growth and meetings with the Governors. Before the Christmas holidays, I had a series of Go-to-meeting contacts with all Governors to get information about the health status of the districts. I’m happy because all the governors have shown great enthusiasm and considerable attention to the growth (there are already 8 new clubs born).

About  growth, Romania is deserving a special mention. They have plans to create at least 12 new clubs with an increase of about 200 members. If this happens, Romania will certainly be our 10th district. We wish them all the best and I also thank the France-Monaco District for the excellent work they are  doing in Romania. We should watch carefully and learn from this example !

All the committees are working and, above all, the Committee on Formula with NDB and SLP / YP who are also involved in the organization of the Growth summit in March where the International President Jim and the Executive Director Stan will be present.

A special mention goes to the Happy Child Committee who is very active. Here too, some districts are emerging: Belgium-Luxembourg, which has activated a very strong service development program in collaboration with the SOS Village Association to help refugee children in Syria,  and the Italy-San Marino District, which has created a whole series of initiatives (some “sweets” such as the collaboration with the “Chocolate of Modica” company that has made available a large number of chocolate bars to be marketed with the Happy Child logo).

Romania is also active in the Service Happy Child that, with the Past Governor Jeana Spranceana, they are  taking action in Galati in  a center where refugee children without parents are gathered. The Kiwanis Members  offer these children all kinds of assistance.

The other districts are organizing work and projects  and will certainly start their business very soon.

The Transition Task Force gathered in Brussels last January with members of both KI and KI-EF Leadership in order to present, discuss and exchange points of view and proposals with regard to the constitution of a legal entity and structure for Kiwanis in Europe. We had a good and fruitful meeting, where requests and concerns from Europe and America were expressed and discussed. Our work towards reaching the most appropriate structure for our organization needs to be continued. When we meet in Baveno next May, we should be able to share with the membership the progress and the achieved results. I wish to take this opportunity to warmly thank all members of the Task Force and in particular, our bylaws advisor Manfred Puchner and Nathalie Weber-Frisch, chair of KI-EF’s Bylaws Committee, for the hard work and their commitment in this important project.

Last but not least the  KI-EF Convention. With the committee, aided a lot by Dolores, we are working on the planning of Baveno Convention. Almost everything is now ready to receive the delegates and guests worthily. Registration is open and already many members have registered. Then let’s go to Baveno, my friends, whereon the lake and with the special Italian food we can craft the future of the Kiwanis in Europe.


Together we can