The  2019-2020 executive committee of Kiwanis International-European Federation (KI-EF) consists of:

Christiaan Decorte (President)

Chris lives in Oostkamp, in Belgium and is a Kiwanian since 1991 in KC Damme Uilenspiegel. His career within Kiwanis is marked with some key functions and distinctions. For his own club, he served as treasurer and database manager for many years. At district level, Chris has been responsible for the database and the shop. He also was part of the Marketing and Host committees and served as Lieutenant-Governor and Governor of the Belgium-Luxembourg district. At European level, Chris held the positions of Chair of Operations and Host Committee member. Chris was honored as George Hixson Fellow. Chris’ hobbies are walking, oenology and, of course, Kiwanis. Next to his dedication for Kiwanis, he was active as computer scientist, running his own business.

Óskar Guðjónsson (Immediate past President)

Óskar is a 10-year member of the Kopavogur-Eldey club and has been a Kiwanian for more than 20 years. He served two consecutive terms as governor and was distinguished in 2010-11. He has been a district secretary and an SLP district advisor. He also served on the KI-EF board from 2009– 2011 and is a past member of Builders Club and Kiwanis Growth committees. He is a George F. Hixson Fellow recipient and also a charter Walter Zeller Fellow. Outside of Kiwanis, Óskar is an information scientist and has served on the boards of SBU Professional Library Specialist Union and the Library Scientist Professional Association. Oskar and his wife, Konný, have two children and one grandson.

Jon Fadri Huder (President-elect)

Jon Fadri lives in Samedan, a town located in the Swiss canton of Grisons. Kiwanian of the Club St. Moritz/Oberengadin, he held several functions at club, division and district levels. He also served as the 7th Member of the Executive Committee of KI-EF. His experience as Governor of the largest district in Europe has taught him that much can be achieved when there is passion, motivation and positive attitude – a predisposition that strongly contributes to serving the children! Outside Kiwanis, Jon Fadri is Mayor of Samedan and enjoys skiing and playing golf.

Josef-Peter Schachermayr (Vice President)

Sepp lives in Vienna for the last two years, when he changed his business job to sell special Software for printing companies. He joined Kiwanis round about 18 years ago into the Kiwanis Club Linz-Kepler. 7 years ago he founded a new club in his former hometown, but he is also member of the oldest European Club – Vienna Europe Nr. 1 and the e-Centennial Club, founded in Pennsylvania. He has served as Club Secretary, Treasurer, and President for seven years all in all – including this year. Within the District he took over a lot of Chairs – Marketing, Internet, Communication – and he is still Chair for Training and Education. Even on European Level he has been Chair for Branding, Marketing and Communication, European Secretary and served as Trainer as well. For his service he was honored with the Hixson Fellowship, the Walter Zeller Fellowship, an Outstanding Award, and the Centennial Award. Sepp is married to Ruth. He has two daughters and a newborn boy. His hobbies are diving, golf, reading and his new family.

Jan de Jonge (Treasurer)

Jan de Jonge (1951) is member of Kiwanis Club Bergen op Zoom the Netherlands since 1992. Within the Kiwanis organisation he has been club president (2x); club treasurer (2x) and treasurer of the District Netherlands (4 years) and at this very moment he is still treasurer of the Kiwanis Dutch Foundation. He is married with Lily and they have three children and six grand children.  His profession is chartered accountant and business valuator. In 1981 he was one of the founders of ESJ ( Jonge) Accountants and tax consultants. His hobbies are golf, gardening and billards. He joined Kiwanis to contribute his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the objectives of Kiwanis and his vision for Kiwanis Europe is that only value (for all the stakeholders) will win so we have to work on that.

Christian De Maesschalck (Secretary)

A Belgian citizen living in the surroundings of the picturesque town of Bruges, Christian De Maesschalck joins KI-EF’s Executive Committee as Secretary. A member of the club Damme Uilenspiegel since 1991, he already has a track record of officer functions at club, division and district levels, where in 2012 he was recognized as Distinguished District Secretary. From 2016 to 2018, he was part of KI-EF’s Bylaws Committee. Married with Katelijne, father of 3 daughters and grand-father of 2 boys, Christian practices as a lawyer in his professional live. In his spare time, he likes to travel, broaden his culture, read and of course, spend a lot of time for Kiwanis!

Maura Magni (7th Member of the EC – representing European Governors)

Maura Magni lives in the northern part of Italy, in the Lago Maggiore area, close to the Swiss border, in the beautiful city of Varese, which is also called “the garden city”.
A member of the Kiwanis Club Varese since 2009, Maura already has a track record in serving Kiwanis. From her club, she took part in all children’s projects that were initiated at district, European and worldwide levels such as “read about the world”, childhood obesity, cyberbullying, autism, Happy Child and Eliminate. She’s held the positions of club President and Secretary, Lieutenant-governor of the Lombardia Liguria division, District Trainer, President of the Statute and Regulations Committee of the District, District chair for the Autism service project and now Governor of the District Italy-San Marino.
In addition to her role as Governor for the District Italy-San Marino for 2019-20, Maura has agreed to serve as the “7th Member of KI-EF’s Executive Committee”, a responsibility that leads to being an integral part of the EC and which purpose is ensure steady and trustworthy liaison between the Districts and the Federation.
Her Kiwanis awards include the Hixon Fellowship (2016), the President’s Challenge Kiwanis Children’s Fund (2017), The Formula Gold (2018), distinguished club President (2019) and last but not least, Maura was the President of her club when the Worldwide Signature Project “Martino Piccolo Lupo” won the bronze award!
In her professional life, Maura is a lawyer. She recently specialized in family law, juvenile law and succession law in order to offer specialized assistance on the subjects that are closest to her heart. And in her spare time, she loves to read and travel … and of course she dedicates a lot of time to Kiwanis!

Fellow Federation Kiwanians, dear friends. […]