Administration Around Club Opening

To organize a new Kiwanis club you will need to complete the following blanc documents which you can download in several languages from this page.

These 3 documents need to be returned by email to the staff member Samyrra Bafdel, supporting you in helping to organize your club. Mail to

  1. The new club bylaws. Completed, dated and signed by the club president or club secretary.
  2. The new club information sheet. Completed.
  3. The permanent new organization roster. Completed and signed by the club president or club secretary. Returned in the excel format.

On top of that do not forget that new club organisation fees need to be paid for KI and KI-EF. Please let us know when you need to do the payment so we can send you the correct bank account number and the amount to be paid.

You can find here the complete procedure that will guide you step by step in how to start organizing a new club up to the charter day.

Club name definition:
rule for the name of a new Kiwanis Club
New Club information sheet:
form with details of a new opened club
New-Club-Information-Sheet - ENGNeuer Club - Informationsblatt - GER Fiche Informative Nouveau club - FRE New-Club-Information-Sheet - ITNew-club-Information-Sheet_NL
 Standard form of Club Bylaws 2012 Standard-Form-for-Club-Bylaws-2012-ENGStandard-Form-for-Club-Bylaws-2012-GER Standard-Form-for-Club-Bylaws-2012-FR Standard-Form-for-Club-Bylaws-2012-It Standard-Form-for-Club-Bylaws-2012-NL
 Permanent Organization Roster:
Excel file with detailed info about the new club and its members
 Permanent Organization Roster EXCEL - ENGPermanent-Organization-Roster-EXCEL-GER Permanent-Organization-Roster-EXCEL-FRPermanent-Organization-Roster-EXCEL-ITAPermanent Organization Roster EXCEL - NL

New club Fees 18-19