DOT in Prague

There where usually the DOT is an end of January event, it now took place in the Pancake weekend in Prague.

More than 50 elected officers from each District and Nation were represented. They enjoyed the one and a half day of intensive raining given by our Members of the Committee on Training, in fact professional trainers.

Separate workshops were held for Secretaries, Treasurers and Governors Elect with for each quite useful info to fulfill their job next year, combined with general sessions where large info about KI-EF was spread out.

As we received but few feedback we can but conclude that anything was pico bello OK.  And that’s the way (ahha ahha) we like it !

Thanks to JPS for transmitting pictures

For confirmation here a late reaction received from the Netherlands G-E Peter Pietersen

It was a good and interesting weekend during the DOT in Prague together with the European G-E, treasurers en secretaries. Most of the classes were joined, but on the Saturday morning the G-E had there own training. I want to thank all trainers, but especially Sietske Hoving and Jan van Hove for there inspiring lectures. The organization by the KI-EF Training Committee and the Ghent office was flawless.

Just notice that the teambuilding was also important, as well during the training as at the bar in the evening. We exchanged many good ideas.