Bylaws & Resolutions

Bylaws, resolutions and regulations - as an international organisation there is a demand for a professional structure. The committees are responsible for the compliance development of our formal and juridical fundament.

The Bylaws Committee consists of:

Manfred Puchner (Austria)
Silvia Puskas (Romania)
Christian De Maesschalck (Belgium)

The Resolutions Committee consists of:

Nathalie Weber-Frisch (Luxembourg)
Anne van Zanten (Netherlands)
Gunnsteinn Björnsson (Iceland)
Jean Michel Gibaud (France)
Heinz Jost (Switzerland)
Maura Magni (Italy)
Kim Mueller (Germany)

The revised KI-EF Policies, Procedures & Guidelines (PP&G) as approved by the Board in Baveno on 24th May 2018 and amended by the European Board Prague, Feb. 16th. 2019 are now available here.

The bylaws for the organization of Kiwanis International-European Federation were amended during the European Convention in Reykjavík on May 25th 2019.

More information about Kiwanis International bylaws here.