Bylaws & Resolutions

Bylaws, resolutions and regulations - as an international organisation there is a demand for a professional structure. The committees are responsible for the compliance development of our formal and juridical fundament.

The Bylaws Committee consists of:

Manfred Puchner (Austria)
Silvia Puskas (Romania)
Christian De Maesschalck (Belgium)

The Resolutions Committee consists of:

Nathalie Weber-Frisch (Luxembourg)
Anne van Zanten (Netherlands)
Gunnsteinn Björnsson (Iceland)
Jean Michel Gibaud (France)
Heinz Jost (Switzerland)
Maura Magni (Italy)
Kim Mueller (Germany)


KI-E Charter (25 August 2020)

KI-EF Policies, Procedures & Guidelines (PP&G) (revised 16 February 2019)

KI-EF Bylaws (revised 25 May 2019)

More information about Kiwanis International Bylaws and other governance documents here.