Announced Candidates for Baveno Convention

Important part of the General Assembly will again be the elections part

This year we will have two elections

Election for the KI-EF Vice President 2018-19

At this time there is one candidate introduced by the Switzerland  Liechtenstein District, who had his last KI-EF President in 2005-06 in the person of our current KI Trustee Marcel KREIENBUHL.

The candidate is Immediate Past Governor and currnt KI-EF Formula Chair Jon Fadri HUDER


By clicking his name you will not only discover his biography but also his motivation

Evidently the sitting President Elect and the sitting Vice president will have to be confirmed during the same session as incoming KI-EF President and incoming KI-EF president Elect                                                                    

 Election for the guaranteed seat of KI Trustee 2018-21

As Marcel Kreienbuhl finishes his additional year as Trustee a new Trustee will be elected in Baveno for a three years term

On today two districts proposed a candidate

The Italy San Marino District proposed Elio GAROZZO, Governor 2014-15

The Netherlands District proposed Henk OOSTDAM Governor 2015-16

Also fro these candidates you can read biography and motivation by clicking their names