And we are at the turning point

Six months have passed since I took the European Federation rudder.
I must say that these six months have passed very quickly but also in a very quiet way.

We have already come a long way together, but it was a peaceful and rewarding journey, at least for me.
And in fact all the committees have worked well up to now and, certainly, they will not fail to complete their work; Governors and Districts are doing a great job both in terms of growth and Service Happy Child.  All the members of the Executive Committee are collaborating, each for their part, to complete the program.
But, at this moment, under pressure is, above all, the Host Committee that is working hard for the Baveno Convention program.

About that, with great satisfaction, I must inform you that, while I am writing, we have over 290 Convention registrations, over 330 to the gala dinner and more than 230 to the friendship dinner! I urge you, therefore, if you haven’t  already done so, to make your registrations and reservations; I wouldn’t  want, in fact, that some latecomer cannot be with us to celebrate worthily this event.

In the meantime I have visited some clubs and some Districts, showing in each of them the great will to work for the less fortunate children. What to say?
I am satisfied, very satisfied! But a doubt grips me! And I want to share it with you.

As many of you know, I participated, representing the European Federation, at the ASPAC Convention and there, during the Board before, and the Convention after, both the Chair of the ASPAC and also the Chair of the Formula project,  have launched to me – indeed they have launched to all of us – a challenge: who will arrive first to cut the finish line of the 30,000 members? Obviously I took up the challenge saying that, without any  doubt, the European Federation will be the first to reach this goal. Just as obviously, they replied that, instead,  will be the ASPAC to get there first!

And then? Who will win?
In my opinion neither ASPAC nor European Federation, but whoever arrives at this goal the children will be the winner. Of course the children, our only goal!

So, my friends, come on! Let’s reach 30,000 members! It’s not difficult, we just need a breath to get there! If every club succeeds in entering a net member we will have done it! Or rather, the children will reach  the goal because they can  count on the help of much more Kiwanians!

Yes,  the Kiwanians: those normal people who, when they are together, can do exceptional things!
So,  let’s do this exceptional things!
Because ….
Together we can