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Executive Committee

Jon Fadri Huder
Josef-Peter Schachermayr
Christiaan Decorte
, Imm. past president
Martien van der Meer
, vice president
Jan de Jonge
, treasurer
Petur Olivar i Hoyvik
, representative of the governors

Governors and Nation representatives

Gerhard Gugenberger
, Austria
Martin Duflou
, Belgium-Luxembourg
Roger Villaume
, France-Monaco
Jürgen Winkelsen
, Germany
Petur Olivar i Hoyvik
, Iceland-Faroes
Maura Magni
, Italy-San Marino
Piet Derks
, Netherlands
Kari Rasmunssen
, Norden
Urs Junker
, Switzerland-Liechtenstein
Carmen Polman
, Romania
Leo Vojčik
, Czech Republic & Slovakia
Patsy Morris
, United Kingdom

Secretary to the EC & Board
Jan Boen

You can request e-mail addresses of any of the people mentioned on this page via secretary(at)


Committee Chairs

: Josef-Peter Schachermayr
Branding-Marketing-Communication (BMC)
: Thomas Schickentanz
Bylaws & Resolutions
: Manfred Puchner
Happy Child
: Josy Glatigny
: Nathalie Weber-Frisch
Past Presidents
: Óskar Guðjónsson

Trustees to the Kiwanis International Board

Gunnstein Björnsson (Iceland-Faroes)
Elio Garozzo
(Italy-San Marino)