Up to Reykjavik! 52nd European Convention

The 2019 European convention will take place from 24th to 25th May 2019 at the Hilton Nordica Hotel in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The convention is the unique opportunity for Kiwanis members to voice their opinions on important decisions that shape the future of the organization. It is also an exceptional occasion to learn from other Kiwanians, build and enhance friendship.


PROGRAMME* | Consult the convention brochure for detailed information

Friday, 24th May
9:00-17:30 Registration
10:00-12:00 Board meeting
14:00-15:00 Meet the candidates
16:30-18:00 Opening ceremony
20:00-23:00 Friendship reception
Saturday, 25th May
9:00-13:00 Registration
10:00-11:00 Parallel workshops
  ·       Kiwanis with Icelandic essence
·       Happy Child & Kiwanis Children’s Fund: Together we can
11:00-12:00 Parallel workshops
  ·       Boost Volunteer Engagement
·       Young Kiwanians shape the future of Kiwanis
14:00-17:00 House of delegates
20:00-01:00 Gala dinner
Partner Program on Saturday, 25th May
12:00-15:00 City tour (to include lunch)

* This program is subject to change.

It´s been 23 years since the Iceland-Faroes district hosted a KI-EF convention in Iceland!  ”About time to come back“ has been the reaction since the decision to host it yet again in ”the land of the ice and snow, the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow…” (Immigrant song, Led Zeppelin, 1970).

Aside from the official part of the convention, we do hope that you will get to enjoy the natural beauty of Iceland and we look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to some typical cultural aspects of our country… so be prepared!


Your Host Committee has negotiated special prices for Kiwanis members and their guests. You have the choice between (click on the links to access the hotel booking websites):

Grand Hotel Reykjavík Cabin Hotel
Booking code KIWA0519        Promo code KIWANISICE2019

Please note that the Host Committee has reserved rooms at these hotels for the period of 22nd – 26th of May. It is not guaranteed that they have vacancies for dates before or after that. If you have problems booking through the hotel websites the most likely reason is that they are sold out for one or more nights in the period you are trying to book. The committee has been working with CP Reykjavík and you can contact Helga Gunnur Þorvaldsdóttir at helga@cpreykjavik.is if you would like to extend your stay.

Now rooms at Hotel Alda have also been reserved for May 22nd – 26th If you would like to make a booking there you should contact Helga Gunnur Þorvaldsdóttir at helga@cpreykjavik.is
Prices, including breakfast, are 32.700 ISK for a single deluxe room and 35.600 for a double / twin deluxe room.

Other lodging possibilities include the following close-by hotels:

As far as flight reservations are concerned please note that an interesting price should be available to Kiwanians who wish to fly with Icelandair from Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlin (Tegel), Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Munich, Oslo, Paris (CDG) and Zurich. Please send an email to nlagents@icelandair.is with your request and do not forget to mention that you are attending Kiwanis European convention in Reykjavík.

The friendship reception, the gala dinner and the partner program are ticketed events:

  • Friendship reception: 77 € per person (approx. 10 780 ISK)
  • Gala dinner: 117 € per person (approx. 16 380 ISK)
  • Partner program: 37 € per person (approx. 5 180 ISK)

You and your club can help build excitement for the European convention in Reykjavík.


  • 22nd February 2019: Deadline to submit amendment proposals for the 2019 KI-EF convention in Reykjavik (see KI-EF Bylaws, Article XVIII – Amendments)
  • 22nd February 2019: Deadline to submit candidacies for KI-EF Vice President
  • 22nd February 2019: Deadline to submit candidacies for KI Trustee on the International Board
  • 24th April 2019: Deadline to submit the certificate of election for delegates and alternates.


Iceland is an energetic place. Its breathtaking nature is still being formed by the powerful forces of nature, the cliché being the island of fire and ice. Iceland’s houses and its famous swimming pools are heated by renewable energy from both hydroelectric and geothermal power plants. The clean and fresh air is one of the nation’s pride.

Reykjavík is the northernmost capital in the world. Not a big city, but it has all the characteristics of a capital. Reykjavík is known for its vibrant art scene, nightlife, restaurants, and nature. To describe the connection to nature in Reykjavík: A salmon river runs through the city, you can go on a short whale-watching tour from the harbor in the heart of Reykjavík, if you drive for two hours you can be riding a snowmobile on a glacier, in a few hours tour you can experience amazing geysers, waterfalls, the birthplace of the Icelandic parliament and be back to Reykjavík for a late dinner at one of the city’s acclaimed restaurants, perhaps one with a Michelin star!

Images of Icelandic volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, thermal pools, and other geological wonders have been hot commodities on travelers’ social networks for the last few years. Set on a lunaresque landscape, this Arctic island, where 350 thousand locals call home, is a popular destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventure, creative cuisine, and collecting memories supported by images.
When it comes to adventures some of your options might be snowmobiling, white-water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, glacier tours, helicoptering, whale-watching, cave exploration, Arctic safaris and wellness options with numerous geothermal spas, such as the Blue Lagoon.

Back in Reykjavik enjoying cultural experiences might include anything from indulging in a fresh and flavorful catch of the day and smoked gamey meat, to jazz concerts and bar hopping. Visitors enjoy mingling with friendly and welcoming locals, breathing in our clean fresh air, and discovering all the magical places that make Iceland its own universe, housing 170 geothermal pools, 800 hot springs, 10,000 waterfalls, 15 active volcanoes, and 4,500 square miles of glaciers. Exploring and connecting with the landscape and its energy, and observing how the locals are connected to the sea and its shore, is an overall revitalizing experience that lives within for years to come.

For travel and trips please feel free to visit the following links:

View the attractiveness and natural beauty of the city and the country.