Fellow Federation Kiwanians, dear friends.

Yet again another new year stands before us. Right now, it´s just like a book waiting to be written, as the pages are all white and empty. It´s up to you, up to us to write the story, chapter by chapter. In relation to our Kiwanis story may it be one of always trying and giving our best, altruistic service rendered at local and global level, making the world a better and safer place for children in need, positive changes made, goals set and reached and ultimately success in our personal, professional and Kiwanis lifes.

As Kiwanians our purpose is to serve, serve the children of the world in a way that no other service organization does. Although reality and the status of current world affairs does not reflect so, we must nevertheless believe that the essence of life is to care, the opportunity is to serve, and the beauty of life is to give. All over the world children are in need, and it is estimated that 10 million children die each year, most from preventable causes and almost all in poor countries. It is obvious that we cannot help everyone, but one can always help someone! So the plan to support the Happy Child project, support your local Foundations, and last but not least support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund(KCF)!

A new year is around the corner We welcome 2019 and embrace it´s multitude of things that have never been! It´s also the time to acknowledge the people in your life who make a positive difference – so we take this opportunity to salute our personal and Kiwanis friendships. May Federation Kiwanians have a successful year in all aspects of their undertakings, and together solve the challenges that face us!

New year’s cheers to all.

Óskar og Konný